Road Map

These are the items we are considering as part of the road map for the project. This represents what we are currently working on as part of the platform, and are driven from the Github Issues submitted by the community.

Marketplace (Discovery) - Deployment of an application, API, ML, Bot, and Voice marketplace where API consumers can publish their tooling, and the platform takes a piece of the action.
Marketplace API (Management) - Publish an API for the marketplace allowing programmatic access to all aspects of the marketplace for developers.
Marketplace Page (Portal) - Publish a portion of the developer portal as the marketplace, and make visible from the landing page and the global navigation.
Communicate Marketplace (Communication) - Communicate to the community about the marketplace, and what it offers.
Partner Program (Partners) - Establish a formal partner program to allow some trusted API consumers to be brought closer in on the process, and have access to additional resources.
Partner API (Management) - Publish an API for the partner program allowing programmatic access to all aspects of the partner program.
Partner Page (Portal) - Establish a section of the portal for the partner program providing an overview, and add private account tooling for consumers who ascend to a partner status. Allow for showcasing of partner as part of the regular publishing workflow.
Affiliate Program (Partners) - Establish an affiliate program for the platform, allowing links with tracking codes to be generated by consumers. Users of the platform can then publish the links anywhere on across their sites and applications, and get paid revenue based upon a percentage of sales.
Affiliate API (Management) - Publish an API for programmatically accessing all parts of the affiliate program, and integrating into external systems by platform users.
Affiliate Page (Portal) - Publish a dedicated page to the affiliate program and add any tooling to the private areas of platform users.
Communicate Affiliate (Communication) - Communicate the affiliate program with partners, and the public, sharing stories about the opportunity to generate revenue through links.
Developer Certification (Evangelism) - Consider a certification program as part of the developer showcase allowing developers to get certified, and other consumers to be able to engage with certified developers.
Image API (Deployment) - We need an image API to manage still photos taken as part of drone operation, as well as part of post production.
Video API (Deployment) - We also need a video API to manage the video portion of drone operation as well as the post production video stuff.
Dropbox (Integrations) - Would like to add an endpoint to the storage API for dropbox storage.
Amazon S3 (Integrations) - Would like to add an endpoint to the storage API for Amazon S3 storage.
Google Drive (Integrations) - Would like to add an endpoint to the storage API for Google Drive storage.

If you would like to see something listed here you can submit an issue via the Github issues for this repository and we will consider adding to the project road map. We are looking to make this road map a very community driven project. Let us know what you want to see.