This is a list of all current known issues for the Drone API. Once an issue is resolved it will be moved to the change log. Here is what is currently open.

Developers (Evangelism) - We need more developers! How can we attract more users to our platforms?
Applications (Evangelism) - We need more applicaitons to be developed on the platform.
Stories (Communications) - There needs to be more stories written about the platform and what is going on. Some should be created internally, but we should also be working to external things written about us.
Feedback (Support) - We need more feedback on the schema and design of the API.
Time (Management) - I need more time to work on this so I can get everything done that I want.

If you have an issue that is not listed here you can submit a new issue via the site, once verified we will apply the issues label which will publish it here for sharing via the this page.